Meeting and connecting brilliant visionaries and forging lasting relationships is what gets me out of bed every morning.

My clients are solving the world’s problems with their products and offerings- sure, today’s operational hurdles need to be solved, but that’s the small stuff! Every business owner should have access to top-tier counsel who will work as a partner of their enterprise. We’re a community – whether you’re from the Southern Tier on Long Island, we’re all in it together. We’re #NYTough and #BingProud at once.

In November 2020, I aligned my personal and professional values by opening this firm. Entrepreneurs and small businesses deserve to have an approachable, trustworthy, savvy lawyer, who’s tech-competent and understands management concerns. 

I lived in Philly before finding my people in upstate NY. Philadelphia’s blue route is always under construction. One day, a businessman flipped me the bird at a merge (it was not the secret symbol of the “E-A-G-L-E-S,” football team).

As a rebuttal, or perhaps apology, I blew him a kiss and smiled. Am I lucky to be alive to share the story? Well, I grew up in New York’s Hudson Valley, braving the commute toward New York City on “Bring Your Daughter to Work” day. Too much time commuting in Boston and Philly (before living upstate where there’s no such thing as traffic) made me question why people work at jobs they hate, anyway?

Attorney who cares - Theresa M Levine, Esq.

That’s why, now that I’m opening my firm my way, I’m committed to working with employers to find a monthly fee or a project rate for a customized, inclusive package of services, whenever possible.

Leaving corporate America was a tough decision. In the intervening years, I’ve worked alongside boutique, mid-size, and large firms. I was briefly Confidential Law Clerk to a NY Supreme Court Justice (until Covid changed everyone’s priorities). 

That’s why, now that I’m opening a firm my way, I’m committed to working with  employers to find a monthly fee or a project rate for a customized, inclusive package of services, whenever possible.

My community taught me generosity, care, connection, and trust. I’ve learned to listen better and enjoy participating in others’ successes since moving here. Neighborly traditions are core to who I amToday’s organizations are called upon by law and society to be inclusive and respectful. To remain compliant, visionaries need to stay current on law and best practices. Flip your expectations, not the bird.

Call on me for savvy counsel from the outside-in.

Theresa M. Levine


  • New York State Unified Court System – Confidential Law Clerk to Supreme Court Justice
  • Coughlin & Gerhart, LLC, Binghamton, New York – Associate
  • Tully Rinckey PLLC, Vestal, New York – Associate
  • Women’s Bar Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts – Family Law Project Pro-Bono Attorney
  • TML Acquisitions, LLC, Wilmington, Delaware – Owner and CEO


  • Rosemont College, B.A. Psychology (2008)
  • Widener University, J.D. (2012)
  • St. Joseph’s University, M.S. Training & Organizational Development/Organizational Psychology (Thesis Pending)


  • New York Bar Association (July 2018)
  • Northern District (March 2018)
  • Eastern District (February 2019)
  • Southern District (February 2019)

Theresa lives in Binghamton, NY with her partner, games journalist Ian Boudreau, their Boston Terrier, Matilda, & their rescue Lab/Hound Fiona (the Fierce). Give her a 🙌 on on Peloton at lb #savagesparkle or wave “hello” IRL when she’s walking the pups around town.

Even if you’re not a sailor or pilot, any visionary can appreciate challenges posed by implementation of a major change at sea.

In the early 20th Century, motorized steering was common, but Americans still used helm commands (which requires applying force to the tiller at the opposite end from the rudder, so to go to starboard, you push to port).

Orders to the helmsman were traditionally given in terms of the ‘helm’. That is to say, the position of the tiller rather than the rudder. ‘Hard a-starboard!’ meant ‘put the tiller (helm) to starboard, so that the ship may go to port!’ It will be realised that not only the bow turned to port, but also the rudder, [and] the top of the wheel…

John Harland Seamanship in the Age of Sail

Connect with Theresa on Instagram, Twitter, Clubhouse as Theresa Levine or @portyourhelm. She posts photos of her dogs, thoughts about coping with times of tension, confusion, and change, as well as business and law-related topics.

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