About the Firm

Stay focused on your business with personalized legal representation.

Have you ever drawn an organizational chart for your business? How many functions are you responsible for handling (in addition to visionary leadership of your organization)? 

If you’re like most leaders, you’re spinning all the plates, while somehow managing to do your own job. It’s a struggle to keep pace with every industry: HR, IT, marketing, collections, and legal.

The Law Office of Theresa M. Levine puts the “ease” back into legalese. Theresa’s passionate about providing virtual legal support, not only during a pandemic, but always. Accessible to everyone, skipping the commute to awkward meetings in formal conference rooms. Theresa prefers collaborating as a partner, like in-house counsel, but in the palm of your hand.

Theresa’s excited to learn about your your vision to help the community!

Friendly, Safe, and Responsible.

The Law Office of Theresa M Levine is paperless (except where rules prevent it); an environmentally and fiscally friendly decision clients see in Theresa’s fee structuring. Having a virtual office means having a security-first approach.

Client documents are handled via secure client portal and most communication happens on a secure project management system that keeps your goals clearly in sight and deadlines on a project calendar. You’re not only a client – you’re a team.

Get business representation you can trust.

Theresa M. Levine, Esq.